CFPAC’s leadership and operating structure is comprised of a Board of Directors, Steering Committee, Working Groups, Neighborhood Councils and an open general membership body of people involved in food security in the Chicago Region. CFPAC is an organization composed of individuals, groups and organizations committed to improving access to healthy food in Chicago.


Our Mission

Chicago Food Policy Action Council  

(CFPAC) facilitates and informs the development of responsible policies that improve access for Chicago residents to culturally appropriate, nutritionally sound and affordable food that is grown using environmentally sustainable practices



Our Vision for Food Policy in the City of Chicago

By 2021, the City of Chicago will have created a thriving, comprehensive, and just food system due to its forward thinking, commitment to a healthy and productive city, well-integrated food policies, and its partnerships across departments, agencies, non-profits, communities, and local businesses. A healthy food system will be a vital part of everyday life across Chicago and will contribute to the well-being of all residents...



The Vision for Food Policy in Chicago received a wealth of input through an open comment process. These recommendations are intended to shape the City of Chicago’s policies for regulating, zoning, funding, and supporting a sustainable food system, including urban agriculture. Throughout the summer of 2011, the Chicago Food Policy Advisory Council (CFPAC) helped coordinate the evolution of the document. A list of groups and individuals who have given input is at the end of the document.